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Kai USA began suppling quality knives and related accessories in 1976. Then in 2006, they saw a need to supply American Made top quality knives to professionals. Hard use cutting tools were needed by law enforcement, the military, firefighters, EMT’s. They required a line of knives they could rely on in the toughest of conditions. Zero Tolerance Knives was born.

In 2009, ZT created the folder that cemented their reputation with the 0350. A large assisted opener using the SpeedSafe technology, the knife proved to be reliable, well made, and an overall perfect EDC for the professionals it was built for.

Then in 2011, Zero Tolerance expanded into the end user market with the groundbreaking 0777. The in-house design showcased the patented sub-frame lock. The knife went on to win the coveted Blade Show Knife of the Year. The ZT reputation was solidified.

Today, Zero Tolerance works with many highly respected knife designers. The brand has developed a solid reputation and has a huge following.